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What is Fire Shaper Hot Yoga?

Essentialy, a hot yoga studio uses a heated space for students to practice the physical asanas of yoga in order to mimic the natural heat of the sun in India, the home land of many yoga styles. Hot Yoga finds its roots in a lineage that originated in Calcutta, India, originally brought to America by Bikram Choudhury. Bikram Yoga was the first true hot yoga practice to be introduced to the Western World and quickly grew to become an internationally recognized practice designed for physical fitness, injury rehabilitation and mental focus. Hot Yoga temperatures range between 100 & 105 degrees F. Warm Yoga ranges between 80 & 99 degrees.
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More than just Hot Yoga, Fire Shaper offers 'warm' studio classes including Pilates, Barre, and many unique workshops and trainings. We also offer Kids Yoga and child minding.
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Why the Heat?

The heat is designed to allow the human body's physiology to relax. Once a certain temperature and environment is reached internally, the body will unwind and begin to heal from the inside out. It is a calming neurological reaction that provides this change. As the tissues of the body soften and the nervous system relaxes, the yoga practitioner will find it much easier to practice and access new levels of systematic release. Read More

Students notice physical as well as mental and emotional benefits when practicing in a heated room. It is normal to feel nervous, anxious or slightly unwell during your first few classes. However with regular practice, you will discover how using your breath (Pranayama), releasing your tension and remaining on your mat for the entire class builds incredible self-discipline and fosters tremendous will-power, endurance and perseverance.
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What is Far Infrared Radiant (FIR) heat?

At Fire Shaper Hot Yoga studios, we use state of the art technology to achieve the specific temperature and environment for every class. Fire Shaper utilizes Far Infrared Radiant (FIR) panels, which produce a heat that is safe, non-invasive and natural. Rather than pumping 'hot air' into the space, the panels emit a 100% safe beam of heat that is absorbed deep into our cellular matrix similar to the warmth we feel in the normal environment outdoors. This form of heat not only feels great but is also extremely therapeutic.
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Fire Shaper is one of the few studios in Australia to employ 'Far Infra Head' panels - a hygienic, comfortable heat that mimics the energy of the sun without the harmful rays. The muscles become warm, blood moves easily to nourish and heal cells, and the deep sweat leaves students feeling cleansed and refreshed.

FIR heat is a form of thermal energy. It is the warmth you feel penetrate your skin when you are outside in the sun. FIR light should not be confused with ultraviolet light, which causes sunburn and damage to your skin. The same technology is used in saunas, to keep premature babies warm and is very safe and healing. FIR heat is capable of penetrating deep into the human body, gently elevating the body's surface temperature and activating major bodily functions. Read Less

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How should I prepare for a hot yoga class?

Rather than drinking a lot of water immediately prior to class, it is best to include regular water breaks into your every day lifestyle and diet. Sipping water throughout the day is the best way to absorb liquid and help create a happy digestive system. This is also a great way to prepare for hot yoga. Have an extra few glasses in the hour leading up to your class, and you'll be ready to sweat!

We also recommend you keep an empty stomach a couple hours before class. If it is an early morning class, a piece of fruit, juice or shake prior to class will allow you to remain energized without feeling 'over full' during the postures. If you have just woken up prior to class (for our 6am classes), try hot water and lemon as this is absorbed quickly into the body and helps increase hydration in a shorter time period. Read More

Our recommendations for hydration before, during and after exercise are as follows:
1. At least 2 hours prior to hot yoga practice drink minimum 500ml of water (coconut water may be substituted).
2. In hot yoga, we wait approximately 20-25 minutes (warm up) prior to drinking in order to create the desired conditions internally for ultimate detoxification benefits. It is best after the warm up to drink small sips of water as needed, as many of the compressions and balances in yoga become difficult if too much water is in the digestive system.
3. After class it is important to restore the correct balance of electrolytes, minerals and other essential cellular fluids which may be lost during practice. Again, water or coconut water is fantastic however an electrolyte substitute may also be added for a speedy recovery.
4. Regular yogis benefit from ensuring they remain hydrated during the day and night as part of lifestyle habit, not just prior to a hot yoga class. And remember, a good quantity of the water you intake comes from the types of food you consume (vegetables and fruit etc.) as well as water itself.
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What are some of the benefits of Hot Yoga?

Hot Yoga practice is stimulating and cleansing on many levels. There are several benefits including stress reduction, increased blood circulation which stimulates the heart to strengthen its contractions, which is exercise for the heart muscle itself. As a result, the heart pumps efficiently thereby lowering blood pressure. Hot Yoga also improves flexibility and strength. After class you will feel energized, rejuvenated, and cleansed. In essence, the heat is a form of cardiovascular conditioning. Read More

The heat aids in detoxification, increases blood flow to speed up metabolic processes of vital organs, glands, and mobilizing toxins for elimination. Heat stimulates fat receptors, activating fat stores and facilitating fat loss and releasing these fat-soluble toxins. Additional responses of the heat include, the stimulation of white blood cell production, boosting the immune system, promoting relaxation, and an increase in healing injuries and disease symptoms. Overall, the body’s response to heat strengthens, detoxifies, and heals, which in turn creates a sense of health and well-being. Read Less

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Is Hot Yoga a cardiovascular workout?

You will find every class no matter what style challenging. All the postures combine flexibility, strength, and balance to work the entire body. You heart rate will go up! With dedication and commitment many people have seen weight regulation, increased muscle tone and strength, increased flexibility, and postural improvement (improved stance and gate). Read More

If you live a hectic life, as many do in today's society, a regular hot yoga practice is vital to ensure your heart is able to pump fresh, oxygenated blood through each cell of your body not only during rest but even in times of stress and fatigue. Read Less

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When can I expect to see progress in my yoga practice?

We at Fire Shaper Hot Yoga want your practice to be a personal growth experience. During your practice, it is important to be honest with yourself, and accept where you are in the stages of growth as you work continually to improve yourself. Read More

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How often should I practice?

Daily practice rejuvenates body, mind and spirit. For life changing results five or more times a week is recommended. A practice two to three times a week, if consistent, will create transformation over time. Read More

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What if I’m not flexible?

Yoga is not about flexibility, this is myth. Emotional, physical and mental barriers can manifest as 'tight muscles' which eventually will be released with regular yoga practice, however this is more of a 'side effect' of yoga rather than an immediate requirement.

The only thing you need to start yoga is the desire to live a happier, healthier life. And a commitment to turn up to class.
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Flexibility is something you will gain through yoga practice. You don’t have to be flexible to start your practice. Yoga will allow you to lengthen and expand, and release toxins that build up during these activities. Whether you can touch the floor or not, the ultimate benefit of yoga is to harmonize body, mind and spirit in a healthful physical practice. Read Less

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Can beginners attend Fire Shaper Hot Yoga?

Absolutely, we have formed an encouraging environment in which all levels and abilities can practice yoga. We encourage beginners to pace themselves in class and recommend beginners to commit to coming to 3 to 4 classes in the first week. This will build a solid physical base and awareness that will improve strength, focus, endurance, and flexibility. Read More

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