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Bhavik is a born Zimbabwean who migrated to Australia almost 10 years ago, literally a few days after getting married to Uttara! The economic situation in their native Zimbabwe and Zambia respectively was dire and they came over with very little. They embraced the Australian way of life immediately and they put in long hours at multiple simultaneous jobs to pay their own way through Masters Degrees at university to build up a new life for themselves. Bhavik is ... Read More

one of Perth’s leading IT consultants who currently leads multiple teams at a large multinational corporation. He specialises in the areas of Business Improvement, Analytics and Information Management. He has been recognised as a leader in his field by none other than Microsoft, who have given him direct access to their facilities an systems, enabling him to work closely with and assists them as part of his role. Bhavik is also very passionate about contributions to Perth’s IT community. He has been involved in organising and speaking at user groups and conferences locally and around Australia for a number of years.

His passion for health and fitness began when he was very young when he was actively involved in hockey and squash at school. He plays squash regularly to this day. During his teens he started going to a gym to tone up and has maintained the practice ever since.

Supporting Uttara on her on her yoga journey and seeing the positive effects yoga has had on her, Bhavik recently took up hot yoga himself and had an immediate revelation. This really says something since he normally cant stand the heat! His wish is to bring yoga into the lives of others and to inspire them to get onto ‘the mat’! Read Less