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Yin/Yang Yoga Workshop with Tommy!

Join Tommy for this special class, offering a journey inward for a deep, introspective and peaceful Yin practice that will cross over into an energizing and powerful Vinyasa practice. Along the way, we’ll create a balance of opposites to bring our body, mind and spirit into harmony. As we reach the end of our time together, we’ll return to stillness to absorb all the benefits of the amazing things we can do in peace and yoga bliss.
Yin Yoga with its passive approach is often referred to as the yoga for the joints. By holding postures longer, we begin to stretch and strengthen the connective tissue of the pelvis, hips and the lower spine. Yin enhances our natural range of motion, as most postures involve sitting or lying down which helps us to become more elastic.
Yang Yoga, with its vigorous and dynamic approach, targets muscles by stretching into many variations of postures. Yang builds physical and mental strength, with an emphasis on movement, heat building and breath focus.
Saturday, May 13th
2:30 – 4:30pm
$35 in advance; $40 at the door
North Haledon Studio 
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Yin/Yang Yoga Workshop with Tommy!