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Welcome Katy – Nyack Studio Manager


At Fire Shaper we get all “fired” up about the talent that circulates within our community.  Please take this moment to meet our new talent member and new Studio Manager for Westwood, Anthony.  We asked Anthony a bunch of questions so that maybe you could get to know him a bit better and hopefully you’ll even more comfortable while chatting with him at the studio.


Q: When did you first start with fire shaper or (if earlier) hot yoga in general?

A: I first set foot into a hot yoga studio in Cockeysville, Md., with my husband as newlyweds in 2005. I had taken “cold” yoga classes during my undergrad years at Penn State and as soon as I heard of a form that added heat — summer lover that I am — I was intrigued and instantly thought, “That is what has been missing for me with yoga so far.”


Q: What was one of the major benefits that your first realized from practicing?

A:  I quickly took to the heat and enjoyed the challenge of the classes, the steady progress I saw from a consistent practice week to week, and the stress relief from my fast-paced career in journalism. When we re-located to Pearl River, NY, in 2007 for my husband’s job, I was delighted to discover another hot yoga studio close by in Westwood, NJ. As I wrapped my head around the next phase of our lives, practicing at the Westwood studio for my first few months in the area was very grounding, strengthening and also calming — and the owners, teachers and staff left a lasting impression on me even as I had my daughter in December 2008 and my twin boys in May 2012. For the past 5+ years, I’ve had a “warm” practice at a local gym with a fireplace in its yoga studio and also completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training course with a dear teacher to deepen my own knowledge and understanding of the practice of yoga.


Q: What gift does the practice give you now?

A:  I am so delighted to re-join the Fire Shaper community as the manager at Fire Shaper Nyack. As I have returned to my “hot” mat once more, I appreciate even more the mental focus, the physical strength, and the peace that I experience from my practice. The greatest gift of my own practice is that it quiets the chatter of my mind so that I can listen to the music of my own heart – and I hope to offer that gift to the Nyack community as well.


Q:  Whats an interesting book, hobby, idea that you have and why?

A:  Aside from my love for yoga, I love to dance, sing, hike, write songs & children’s stories, craft, watch movies, read books, lead family yoga classes (oops – that’s yoga again!) and spend quality time with my family.

Mon, 10 Sep 2018

Posted by Fire Shaper


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