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Meet Kate, New Assistant Manager


At Fire Shaper we get all “heated” up about the talent that circulates within our community. Please take this moment to meet our new talent member and new Studio Assistant Manager for Rutherford, Kate. We asked Kate a bunch of questions so that maybe you could get to know her a bit better and hopefully you’ll be even more comfortable while chatting with Kate at the studio.


Q: When did you first start with fire shaper or (if earlier) hotyoga in general?

A: I started practicing hot yoga with Fire Shaper in October of 2014 in the Rutherford studio.

Q: Why did you first start?

A: I started because I had been going through a very tough time in my life. My mother had passed away earlier that year, and I was struggling to find a productive and healthy way to process my grief. I found Fire Shaper through Groupon! I had been looking on the website one day and saw “hot yoga”. I had never done it before, but something about it called to me. Not knowing what I was getting myself into, I started with a 90 minute Blaze class. I was hooked from Day 1.

Q: What was one of the major benefits that your first realized from practicing?

A: The one major benefit I first realized from practicing was how much the practice allowed me to clear my mind. It allowed all of the incessant chatter that was constantly going on in my brain to quiet for a moment, giving me a chance to find some inner clarity and peace.

Q: What gift does the practice give you now?

A: Just one?!! In addition to the mental peace that I find from my practice, I have found physical strength and endurance that I never knew I possessed. I’m always learning something new everytime I hit my mat. Additionally, my yoga practice has given me self acceptance and patience – as a chronic perfectionist, I tend to get frustrated if I don’t get something “right” the first time around. Yoga has allowed me to give myself space NOT to be perfect, and to grow into whatever it is that I’m doing, whether on or off my mat.

Q: Whats an interesting book, hobby, idea that you have and why?

A: I am a musician, primarily a singer, but I play keyboards, percussion, and some guitar as well. I’ve always had a passion for music, I was raised with all different types of music constantly playing in my house from the time I can remember. I’ve been in several bands throughout my life and have even toured the United States in one of the bands that I used to play in.

Q: What gift do you want to give to the Rutherford fire shaper community?

A: I want to give the Rutherford Fire Shaper community exactly that – COMMUNITY. I want every person who walks through our doors to feel included, welcome, and like they are coming home. Whether they’ve been practicing yoga for their entire life, or its their first time ever, I want everyone to feel like they belong here.

Mon, 17 Sep 2018

Posted by Fire Shaper


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