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Covid-19 Booking Policies




  1. Once you make a booking you are committed to attending that class. If you do not want to attend you must cancel your booking. See cancellations below for terms.
  2. You can only book up to 6 days in advance. Each day a new day opens up as the 6 day window continues.
  3. We highly recommend that you enable ALL texts & email communications in your profile so that you get your reminders and notifications.


  1. If you put yourself on a wait-list you will be automatically added to class as people cancel their bookings. If you wait-list yourself you must be committed to take the booking if you are added to the class. If you are not then please remove yourself from the wait-list.
  2. IMPORTANT: You must enable ALL texts & email communications in your profile so that you get your reminders and notifications. If you miss the notification and are added you will still be charged as if you attended.
  3. If you do not make it in on a wait-list you will not be charged for the class.
  4. If you are an “unlimited” member and your are added from your wait-lists to more than one class on the same day you must cancel one of those bookings because Unlimited package holders may only practice a maximum of 1x/day. Failure to remove yourself from a second class on the same day will result in you being charged $22 for the second class. Note, that our system will not automatically remove you from the second class and it is up to you to manage your bookings.


  1. To cancel your reservation you must do so within 12 hours of the reservation time. We must do this because wait-listed people need adequate time to be notified of being added into class.
  2. Once the 12 hour window passes you are committed to the class and will be charged for it whether you show or not.


  1. Class Packs: If you do not show up for a class reservation the class will be deducted from your account.
  2. Unlimited Members: If you do not show up for a class reservation you will be charged $19 for the missed reservation. This fee will be charged to your credit card on file or if there is no card on file it will need to be paid upon your next visit. Failure to pay No Show/Late Cancel fees will result in being suspended from all online bookings.


  • All purchases are final


During the Covid-19 crisis there are many changes that have been made which deviate from our normal operations.

  1. Do not come to the studio if you feel sick or un-well at all
  2. Shower facilities are not available at this time
  3. Social distancing is in effect and patrons must maintain the posted social distance at all practical times
  4. You must wash your hands prior to entering our yoga space
  5. Follow the studios posted Covid-19 recommendations
  6. There will be no mat or towel rentals available until all Covid-19 restrictions are lifted
  7. You are required to wear a mask upon entering the studio and leaving the studio. You are required to wear a mask as directed when practicing unless by wearing a mask it creates a significant hazard to your health (ex: severely compromising air flow and breathing while trying to practice yoga)


  1. Packages previous to Covid-19 are now Graded A, B, C & D
    1. Grade A: These are packages purchased at full RRP price
    2. Grade B: These are packages purchased at a discount of 25% or less RRP
    3. Grade C: These are packages purchased at a discount of 26-50% RRP
    4. Grade D: These are packages purchased at a discount of 50% or greater RRP
  2. All Package grades may incur scheduling restrictions and may not be available for use in certain classes during certain days and times.
  3. Fire Shaper may make additional scheduling restrictions as necessary without advanced notice for all package grades.
  4. All Package grades will receive a “Covid-19 extension” to reflect the number of days our studio was closed during the pandemic.
  5. Grade D packages will have received a “Covid-19 extension” which is for the number of days that our studio was temporarily closed. These packages will reactivate exactly on the date our studio re-opens (post Covid-19) and without exception.


  • Personal or Business Checks are NOT ACCEPTED in our studios
  • Visa – MasterCard – are all welcome as payment methods
  • We do also accept Cash
  • All unpaid balances and/or unpaid classes with Fire Shaper will be reconciled automatically for the full price of the unpaid debt with the credit card on your account if your account is 7 or more days in debit with Fire Shaper.

Thu, 06 Aug 2020

Posted by Fire Shaper


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