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Option 3 - What’s Included:

The 30 day full body treatment... Read More

1. 42 Days of Unlimited Yoga
2. 30 Days of Full Body Cleanse
a. Shakes, Supplements and Nutrients to last 30 Days
3. Access to Fire Shaper PRIVATE Fire Body Group forum
4. $75 Gift Card for successful completion of the challenge Read Less

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What are the rules and the game plan?

Some of the major guidelines are: Read More

1. Challengers can start anytime from May 1st to May 15th
2. Complete a minimum of 3 classes per week for 6 consecutive weeks
3. Challengers may do “double” classes to make up for missed sessions in the week. They may only be able to do this a maximum of 3 times over the 6 weeks
4. Those enrolled in the Option 3 challenge are eligible for the $75 Gift Card. Read Less

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I already have a yoga package. What will happen if I choose Option 3?

We love our members so... Read More

We will pause your current package and add the extra 42 days of unlimited yoga onto your account to use while you are participating in the challenge. Read Less

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How do I register for OPTION 3 of the challenge?

Registration is simple. Read More

Complete the online application and then one of our Fire Body coaches will call you to enrol you over the phone. You can also register at the desk however, payment is made via our Fire Body coach over the phone. Once you are enrolled the Fire Body Read Less

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What is the cost for Option 3?

Remember this is an all inclusive price! Read More

The cost is $269. Read Less

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How come I am getting this at such a great discount?

Well, because we love you and... Read More

In order to get this discounted price we ask that you also setup an auto-ship order to occur in 30 days from the date of this purchase. You may adjust this order online or you may also cancel this order by calling the toll free number provided and quoting the customer service representative your account number and asking to have the auto-ship removed. Note: you will not be charged for that at the time of purchase as it is there to help you post cleanse. Your Fire Body coach will help advise you on suggestions for post cleanse nutrition. Read Less

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How do I track my classes?

Look for the challenge board... Read More

Each time you come into practice simply mark off the appropriate DAY # of your challenge (ex: Day 1, Day 21, etc…) by placing an X in the correct box. Read Less

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Do my classes have to be consecutive?

Well, no they don't... Read More

Only the weeks must be consecutive because you cannot skip weeks. Read Less

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Can I do more than the minimum number of classes per week?

A little over achiever?... Read More

YES, you may do as many classes per week as you like. We do recommend that if choose to do more classes per week that you consult with one of our Fire Body coaches so they can advise you on proper supplementation to maximize your results due to the amount of classes you are practicing per week. Read Less

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Once I complete the challenge how do I claim my Gift Card?

We need a little time to work it all out so... Read More

Gift Cards are processed over the next 30 days following the challenge. To claim your Gift Card you must come into the studio and request your card between the Dates of June 15th to July 15th. Unclaimed cards after July 15th will be destroyed and Gift cards are no longer able to be issued to you. You must request the Gift Card as they are not automatically mailed out to you. Read Less

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Do I have to be registered in order to receive the Gift Card?

We really do want to meet you so... Read More

YES, you must register for the challenge in order to be considered for the challenge and to be eligible for the Gift Card upon successful completion Read Less

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Can I upgrade to something even better?

Whoa! Of course! Hey, if someone asked you to come over and fix their house you wouldn't just show up with a hammer would you? Read More

The more tools you have the more successful you will become. Ask your coach about an upgrade to include Anti-Aging support, Male/Female support, Anti-Oxidant support, Stress support, Brain Support, and much more! Read Less

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What can my Gift Card be spent on?

Lot's of cool new gear... Read More

You can use your Gift Card on Fire Shapers merchandise and class packages. Occasionally there may be certain products that you may not use your Gift Card on which will be disclosed to you at the time of sale. You may not use your Gift card to cover payments that are part of an auto-renewing membership. You may not use your Gift Cards to purchase retail products that have been marked down. Read Less

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How long are our Gift Cards valid for?

They may burn a hole in your pocket... Read More

Gift Cards are valid for 12 months from date of issue. Read Less

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How do I get the coaching support?

Sometimes it's not what you know... It's who is on your side... Read More

You must participate actively in the Fire Body Private Group forum and our Fire Body coaches will interact with you there. Read Less

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Where is my recipe guide?

Yummy fun food... Read More

A simple guide will be provided in your cleanse pack. Also, we post recipe guides in the private Fire Body forum for you to use. As an added bonus you will get our 7 day raw food guide via email! Read Less

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Is there a money back guarantee?

Totally! Because we have absolute integrity and this stuff works! Read More

YES, once you receive the cleanse in the mail please read the terms and conditions on the money back guarantee. It is a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. Read Less

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What if I hate the cleanse program and I send it back and get my money back.

bummer... Read More

Don’t worry, no hard feelings :) On the date of your return we will be notified and we will terminate your free yoga access. Also, you cannot be eligible for any of the Gift Card amounts (25, 50 or 75) even if you complete the practice challenge. Read Less

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Tell me about DOUBLE rewards.

Well, we will give you double the original Gift Card value for successful completion of your challenge if... Read More

You enrol 2 other people into the challenge. They must be enrolled correctly by your Fire Body Coach so that all criteria are met. They must buy a qualify Option which is option 2 or 3 or the upgrade to option 3. They must be signed up just as you were into the program with all fees paid and accounted for by your Fire Body coach.
Once your coach has confirmed everything they will submit your eligibility for DOUBLE REWARDS to your studio manager who will track the successful completion of your challenge. Read Less

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