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5 Tips To Maximizing Metabolism with Your Yoga Practice


Finding an equilibrium that your body truly loves can be very challenging for some.  Holidays and parties don’t necessarily help either as we tend to let the few rules, that do work slip.  Getting back on track usually requires a bit more than “I’ll start tomorrow”.  The good news is that you can find the right balance quite easily if you Utilize the Rules of Your Basic Physiology and Science to get the result you are looking for.  Remember to Keep The End In Mind which becomes especially helpful if you trip and fall along the journey.  Yes, it’s a bit funny but, it’s so true.  Now, what’s that balance that you’re looking for?  Let’s start with resetting your metabolism and supporting a healthy energy system in your body.

Here are 5 simple Tips to Maximize Your Metabolism

  1. EAT NOURISHING FOOD | Lots of us restrict calories just to lose weight. Science tells us that your body requires a basic minimum amount of calories each day to just survive.  If you slash too many calories with the simple goal of losing weight you’ll find that results may come temporarily but, it rarely serves you in maintaining your goals and your health.  If you’d like to know an approximate range for you then check below at the bottom of this post for a Resting Metabolic Rate Calculator to help guide you along the way. Plus, here is Fire Shaper’s 7 Day Transformation Guide for FREE – 7 raw food recipes that are yummy! Watch the videos and create at home!
  2. GET A BUDDY | Going it alone is so gladiator of you… Come on, tell your friends and family what you are doing, why you are doing it and ask them to join you.  There is power in numbers and those that join you can help hold you accountable as well as you them.  Get a Buddy.  If you join the Fire Body Challenge you’ll put yourself in and around people just like you, taking the challenge and joining hands together towards a common goal.  JOIN THE MOVEMENT
  3. SET GOALS & CHALLENGE YOURSELF | If you don’t know what you want then how are you going to get it? Decide what it is and then align yourself in your actions.  Set a goal and then initiate the challenge and go for it! – Check out the Fire Body Challenge, it’s 4 classes a week for 4 weeks | Go For It!
  4. USE A POST YOGA SHAKE | There is a 30-minute window after your class in which you have a unique opportunity to set the rate of your metabolism for the day (if doing yoga in the morning) or while you sleep (if doing yoga in the evening). Within those crucial 30 minutes if you consume a nutritious balanced shake your body will immediately put those nutrients to work, set your metabolism and begin building muscle and repairing tissue.  If you miss the window then your body will tend to go into a hibernation mode, lower your rate and slow things down in an effort to conserve energy.  The reason why you use a shake is so that your body can easily utilize the nutrients with little use of your energy. We have our personal favourites when it comes to the type of shakes and here are some hints.  Whey protein has been shown to be more effective in fat loss. If you are a true vegetarian, then use Hemp protein instead.  The protein in the shake should be un-denatured meaning that it’s not super-heated in the protein extraction process.  And finally, the protein should be sourced from sustainable happy sources.  In the case of whey protein let’s get it from happy cows, free range, grass fed, clean environments and organic conditions. We like our shakes because they come from happy cows in New Zealand that live on green grass in no-fly zones and drink water that comes from their mountain glaciers!  We also like the shakes because they have both probiotics and digestive enzymes in the shake to make digestion totally stress free!
  5. CLEANSE | Cleansing your body can free up your natural resources, improve your digestive system, speed your elimination system and set a solid foundation for you to build from. Follow proven systems with a definitive end in mind.  Cleansing is not a diet, it’s cleansing and it can be a very powerful tool to improve your health, to free your movement and to increase your energy.  If you’d like to find the right system for you just complete a simple health questionnaire and a coach will help you at no extra cost – FIND THE RIGHT SYSTEM


Metabolism Calculator

Sat, 16 Jan 2016

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