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Does Your Body Like Your Food?

Here’s 1 way to find out:

With so many options to choose from how do you know that the food you’re eating is really serving you? Sure, you, by definition, can eat healthy but, everyone responds differently to the foods they eat… even the healthy ones.  So, here’s one simple tip using your smartphone that will help you discover if what you are eating is actually being enjoyed by your body.

Disclaimer: This is only one simple tool and not a solution. Always discuss with a health professional if you are experiencing abnormal health challenges or reactions.


First, we must realize that we will have a very difficult time changing what we don’t know. This simple tool will help you to know if what you are doing is working or not working.


  1. TOOL (smartphone): On your smartphone, set your alarm to go off approximately 60 minutes after you’ve eaten a meal or a snack.
  2. When your alarm goes off that’s your cue to stop whatever you are doing and take 3 breaths.
  3. While you are taking those breaths ask yourself these questions:
    1. Does my body have more energy than before I ate?
    2. Does my mind have more clarity than before I ate?
    3. How does my body feel right now with the process of digestion?
  4. Record your answers on your phone, perhaps a journal entry or in your notes app along with a time date stamp.
  5. After sometime of doing this you will realize if the food you are eating is raising your health or lowering your health.


Often the first step to change is your AWARENESS. A person must start to be aware of what’s happening (or not). Once you start to see how food affects you then you may find a bit more willpower when deciding what to eat. On the other hand once you see how a particular food or type of meal helps you to feel light and energized you’ll also be more likely to choose that healthier version the next time you’re faced with an eating decision.

Wed, 16 May 2018

Posted by Fire Shaper


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