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The Second Skill of Yoga Mastery

Mastery is just 5 skills away

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Now, moving onto the second, it supports the first and works together to create a well-balanced physiology. Often, people experience pain in their bodies and this next skill can help manage, even eradicate, their pain.

Here is the SECOND SKILL with a brief description:

  1. FLEXION: This can also been seen as the art of bending. Your joints will flex in different ways depending on the location and one of my favorite FLEXION movements is forward bending of the spine. Learning just a few of the trade secrets in this skill will not only help you see your toes better but it will also reduce pain and anxiety in forward bending postures.

    Lengthening and folding together during most flexion movements, especially forward-bending is highly recommended. The energy of flexion literally folds energy into itself. If you allow your body’s frequency to align and fold into itself you’ll notice shifts at a deeper level. This will give you space even though you’re reducing space physically you’ll gain more space at a quantum level.

Catch my next post for SKILL #3 – coming soon

Fri, 03 May 2019

Posted by Fire Shaper


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