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Fire Shaper Scholarship Program

How to Apply & Rules

Fire Shaper wishes you the best in success and happiness in your journey.

Here are just a few qualifications to join our scholarship program. If these apply to you then you are eligible to apply for a full scholarship with Fire Shaper:

  • Yearly Household Income less than 35k (supporting documentation will be required)
  • Age 21 – 45 years
  • Must be available for all days of the Training
  • Physical Health Clearance by a qualified Physician
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 Fire Shapers Scholarship Program for our teacher training session this June.

Our training programs are focused on creating world class instructors and empowering them with the tools and resources for contributing to the lives of others through hot yoga.

Every year we meet many students who would love to join our program and for many different reasons would really benefit from our Teacher Training. Unfortunately, some students have tremendous financial challenges and they lack the reserves to pay for the program.

With our new scholarship program we have setup a number of criteria for which those students who fall within the outlined categories may apply for the opportunity to have Fire Shaper support them in their education and life improvement. Mainly through your feedback, we were determined to find a way to make education available to those who may otherwise have been excluded due to their finances. By providing a program such as this we hope to sponsor up to 3 recipients at different levels and share this valuable program with as many people as possible.

– 1st Place Scholarship Recipient receives a scholarship for 100% of Fire Shapers Teacher Training*

* There is a one-time administration fee payable of $200 upon acceptance of the scholarship

– 2nd Place Scholarship Recipient receives a scholarship for 50% of Fire Shapers Teacher Training

– 3rd Place Scholarship Recipient receives a scholarship for 25% of Fire Shapers Teacher Training

TERMS: Voting begins on May 18th and ends on June 1st (midnight).   Recipients will be contacted and announced within 7-10 days once voting has ended.  Scholarship recipients must give their commitment at the time of announcement.  If for some reason a recipient withdraws their scholarship that scholarship will not be re-allocated to another individual.  Fire Shaper reserves the right to cancel the scholarship program at any-time and holds no obligation to provide the education to any recipient in the case that the program is cancelled.

Fire Shapers Scholarship Program – Warriors of Education…

Sharing is the secret to helping others and brings attention to the ever growing need for life embetterment through education. When potential recipients share their goals, their visions and their wins with others a ripple effect occurs that, in this day in age, can be felt around the world in mere seconds. In creating this program we asked ourselves,”What is it that we are really looking to achieve?” After meditating on it and discussing this together we realised that its not just one life we’d like to contribute to… It’s the lives of many as well as to influence others in making similar contributions and to create a viral organic movement for other organisations to also become “Warriors of Education”. Our unique format will allow scholarship participants to share their goals with their friends and peers. We hope you will make the time in your busy days to join us on this mission and share this program with as many students as possible. We feel that, as teachers, it is our responsibility to identify those that would benefit from a higher education (physically, emotionally, spiritually) and Inspire as well as Empower them to grow…

Scholarship Application