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Dos and Don’ts of Healthy Holidays

Holidays are meant to be a time of celebration and the promise of a healthy happy future.  However, sometimes those naughty parties can get in the way and derail you from your real goals.

To give yourself a head start, take a look at these tips before you lose track.

DON’T get stuck eating whatever just because your hungry.

When you show up at parties many of us forget to fulfill our bodies with great nutrition prior. Your much likelier to eat less junk if your make sure your get the best nutrition into your body pre-party.  Use meal-replacement shakes to feed your body prior to parties. The IsaLean shakes give you the best nutrition without the BLOAT! Then you can still fit into those fancy party clothes and feel fulfilled and fabulous.


DO your body a favor with stress-fighting Adaptogens.

Adaptogens can help your body manage the impact of extra stress. Certainly that sounds like it could make your attitude a bit better while rushing about.

Managing stress is important in more ways than you might guess for protecting your health. On the outside, added stress can make you look frazzled. But on the inside, elevated levels of the stress hormones make you more susceptible to overeating and weight gain that can harm your body over time.

Give your body a head start in stress management by stocking up on Adaptogens before you party on. The blend of Adaptogenic botanical ingredients found in eShots (e+™)  and Ionix® Supreme can help your body reduce and resist the effects of stress.


DON’T let yourself get behind on sleep.

Late nights, early mornings… They will eventually catch up with you and it happens before you know it. Give yourself the benefit of extra amino acids before bed to help you RECOVER.  Extra amino acids can assist your body and tissues in recovering quicker and with an extra little bit of support your body can rest more efficiently leaving your feeling awake and clear in the morining.

Better yet, get the ultimate nights sleep by using our Sleep and Brain support system.  It’s a complete solution to making your nights the best night ever!  Be sure to squeeze in 8 hours of sleep when you can and avoid making late nights the weekly habit.

One final tip, If you can, don’t eat after 7pm and then wait until 7am before your next meal. The extra fasting time will also help your body rest and recover.


DO build up your immune system before, during, and after your parties.

There’s likely no worse time for your immune system to let you down than while your enjoying time with friends and family. To keep your immune system defenses on guard while you hang out, this incredible IMMUNE booster will help you get the job done and be at the top of your game.  Plus by adding Isagenix Greens you find support benefits as they contain plants and herbs to support your immune function and can work together to support your immune systems fight against foreign invaders.

By keeping your body nourished and well-rested, your stress levels under control, and your immune system prepared, you can travel with confidence this holiday season and come home ready to take on the new year.

Wed, 23 Nov 2016

Posted by Fire Shaper


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