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Faith is Still the Power

Faith is essential in our daily lives and if you’ve ever wondered why faith is important this article will shed some light on the answers. Having faith is a necessity for everybody because it affects our decision making, the manner we interact with others, and the way we react to the circumstances that confront us.

And for you to be able to practice faith you must make sure that you are in the position of utilizing positive thinking.

What is positive thinking?

It is the power to believe. And as you believe so is it done unto you and as you believe so is it created. You need to make certain that you create that certainty inside yourself.

Of course there will be times when things will look grim and the only power you really have is the power to have faith. Step forth and say, “I’m going to put myself on the line. I’m going to have the courage to overcome my fears and to take action even though it may not work out. Even though I may put out my love and it may not be reciprocated – I’m still going to put myself on the line cause if I don’t that’s the only way I can fail.”

See without faith nothing exists. There was this woman who didn’t want to give her 100% in loving her husband all because she was afraid that if she did she might get hurt or he might leave her. She was afraid to trust because she believes she will get hurt later. She had no faith in him that’s why she didn’t trust him.

The same woman was asked this question, “Can you drive from your home down a mountain hi-way? With people coming 60 miles an hour right in your direction?”

She answered, “Yes!”

“What’s to keep them from coming over in your lane killing you instantly! What’s going to prevent that from happening?”

She goes, “Nothing…”

“Then how can you drive? How come you don’t just stay home and say — “Why, you know, if I go out there I might get hurt.” She said, “Well, you just have to have faith!”

No kidding!

You couldn’t drive from where you are to where you want to go without faith. You better remember the power of positive thinking is really the power to have faith. The power to do everything you know and that doesn’t mean that you just sit down and say, “Well if it’s meant to be then it’ll just happen.”

What it means is you see things as they are, you see it better than they are, and you do everything you can physically to make things work. And there comes a point when you’ve done everything you can do and then you got to stop being fearful.

Stop worrying and have some faith.

Because most of the things you’re worried about in your life never came true anyway. You felt upset about it in advance. Have some faith, have some certainty and it will be rewarding and lovely, you couldn’t even believe.

Remember one more thing, no matter how bad it seems this too will pass. You’ve made it this far, you’ve been through tough times – times you didn’t think you could pull it off and you’ve made it. If you’ve made it through all the challenges of your past then your life still work, you still seem to be someone happy, you’re still standing, successful and you can make it through this too. It’s the thing that’ll pull you through.

Faith is still the power.


Mon, 23 May 2016

Posted by Fire Shaper


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