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Fire Shapers Teacher Training Gets You Results

We believe that your Teacher Training is much more than learning a bunch of postures or learning how to speak sanskrit.  We incorporate techniques that help you with your confidence, with your direction and with your soulful connection to yourself and others.  The principles we teach help people to take their yoga off their mat and start running their lives like the way they always envisioned it.  Our week immersion is a unique experience designed to work deeply on your body – physically, mentally and spiritually.  You know how it is, to learn something is one thing but, to have a level of mastery in something is quite a different story.  Most people understand that just dabbling in the learning process (one weekend here, one weekend over there) is fun and educational but, rarely produces masterful effects.  Step in the Immersion…  7 Days of deep content, Special attention, and Divine Experiences all designed to get you the results you desire.

Fire Shapers Unique Hot Yoga Teacher Training program provides you with the Ultimate exposure to many styles of Hot Yoga wrapped up into a 200 hour program.  This basic program is for both the yoga enthusiast as well as the beginning student.  Enjoy not only the education and empowerment to contribute to the lives of other people but also the physical, mental and soulful transformations to follow.

Sat, 01 Feb 2014

Posted by Fire Shaper


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