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It just takes saying YES, to feel great

You’re over half way through the year… New Year resolutions have come and gone… Your friends, Your family, Your neighbors… all need someone like you to inspire the best out of them. Help them do something that is guaranteed to work in only 30 days to make a massive shift in not just their life but in the lives of those that love them. AND if you are the one that needs a kick in the pants well then it’s only 30 days, it’s easy and it works… In the meantime lets reach out to Fire body team member Jo who has kept up the pace, stayed in the zone even though, like us, she probably swayed here and there. Lets reach out and say U ROCK JO! because she is just like you and me. Jo, keep on inspiring because folks, she has just helped a bunch of her friends get on the program… In her free time she has helped them onto a pathway of health AND that pathway has rewarded her financially and spiritually. TIME – FREEDOM – HEALTH & WEALTH¬†– Way to go Jo!!!!! ¬†email us to see the results for yourself firebody@fireshaper.com

Jo string pt1

Jo string pt2

Wed, 19 Aug 2015

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