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Feeling Sore After Your First Fire Shaper Hot Yoga Class

First thing you can do is Celebrate!  That’s right, turn up your favorite tunes and dance around the streets because what you have done for your body & your life is such an incredible gift.

Unlike the Gym or the usual Fitness routine your Yoga practice draws your body deeper into the process of healing without the intense micro-trauma that lifting weights and doing push ups might bring.  Although, activities like lifting weights are helpful for your body, creating a balanced routine is essential.  Your yoga postures work in synchronicity with your bodies healing functions to balance the distribution of nutrients, energies, and unconscious awareness.  When you get out of your first Hot Yoga class you may feel as though your entire body has been shaken back to life.  When you wake up the next day that feeling might be more like your whole body just got run over by a bus.  Well, maybe not that sore but, you get the picture.  The next natural question is: “Do I go back to yoga today or wait for the soreness to subside?”.  A great way to look at this is to think about the primary reason why you are sore.  Mostly it is because you have accessed areas of your body either muscle, tendon, ligament, organ or gland that you have not had the pleasure to say “hello” to in quite a while.  This re-introduction may not always feel pleasant, like using a brand new muscle it gives you a bit of feedback on how it feels to be left out for all that time.

The feedback is great!  Get straight back into class and start the process all over.  Keep in mind that you are always practicing within your means with conscious awareness you know when to push and when to cruise.  Not every class has to be about achieving and conquering the next obstacle.  Only every other has to be that way.  Only kidding 🙂  Stay within your means but have the courage to push beyond your boundaries.  It’s ok to be afraid, to have fear.  To have courage and courageous means that you might have fear but, you do it anyway.  Our promise to you is that each time you do it – It gets easier to do.  Though it may take time to accomplish a certain posture (if ever) just the simple act of giving it 100% effort gets easier.

To answer that question for you: “Do I go back to yoga if I feel sore after my first class?” the answer is a resounding YES…

Mon, 11 Nov 2013

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