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Yoga Mastery

2 Days of Deep Immersion and Alignment

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In this 2-day deep immersion you’ll be working directly on transforming your personal practice.  Every person in the world is different and often it’s our differences that can also make our individual alignments both into and out of yoga postures so special.  Although there are “rules” and very specific “alignments” for each posture we must also remember how unique we are as people.  This is what makes aligning and expanding into yoga postures so different for everyone.

You will be guided specifically through the exact alignments of many of the postures that you practice at Fire Shaper. You will deep dive into the science of what is happening to and through your body. Plus, you’ll have many opportunities throughout the 2 days to have Dr John specifically work one on one with you to help you find your peak posture alignment and performance.  The dynamic of the group energy and the field will create an environment of learning and growing that will inevitably awaken the yoga master in you.

Whether you’re feeling a bit stuck or you’re ready to experience the next level of your yoga practice these 2 days will undoubtedly expand your knowledge and lift your experience to levels that would take most people years to obtain. We often say, “In 2 days you’ll experience and graduate through what would have normally taken 2 years of regular daily practice”.


Here is what will be covered in the 2 days:

  • How to properly lengthen your muscles and tissues
  • Guided Practice of 2 classes each day
  • Science of Hot Yoga
  • Postural Anatomy
  • Functional Anatomy
  • Stress and the Integration of your Nervous system
  • Cosmic Consciousness in Your Practice
  • Breath function and technique
  • Posture Alignment
  • Personal Posture Insights and Alignments
  • Yoga Posture Breakthroughs
  • The 5 Skills to Master any Posture and how to apply them
  • Quantum Mechanics and Balance
  • Your personal recipe to yoga success

Over 10 years experience

Results that will exceed your expectations! Fire Shapers hot yoga classes are guaranteed to lift your spirits and set your tensions free. Choose from many of our class styles like BLAZE (Bikram), Flow (Vinyasa), Ignite (Modern Hot Yoga Fusion), Burn (Weights + Yoga) and others for an all around total body experience. Fire Shaper is the most qualified Hot Yoga Teacher Training program based in both the USA (NY) & AUSTRALIA (Gold Coast) providing you with International recognition and the opportunity to teach Nationally and Internationally!