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The Multi-Tasker Myth

FACT: Your body doesn’t multi-task very well, it can only do one thing really well at a time. So, if your are cleansing then you are cleansing. Don’t try to build muscle while you are trying to cleanse your body because if you do then both won’t go as good as you would like. Same goes for fat loss and muscle building. Your body won’t dramatically build muscle if you are focused on fat loss and visa versa.
What does this mean for you? It means that you need to plan your approach. Here’s are my HINTS for the day:

  1. 9 DAY CLEANSERS: If you are on the 9 day cleanse plan to have very little activity on “cleanse” days and don’t do more than 4 yoga classes over the 9 days.
  2. 30 DAY CLEANSERS: If you are on the 30 day cleanse then also plan to have very little activity on “cleanse” days and approx 3-4 yoga classes per week on “shake” days.
  3. EVERYONE: Always plan to have a meal replacement shake within 30 min of post exercise. Literally plan your days meals and snacks around your exercise routine so you space out your meals and snacks 3 hours apart. When you do this you will literally start re-programming your metabolism and cellular structure.

Here’s the catch, you have to do this for a minimum of 30 days to really see the impact and to have these effects long lasting you could make this habit a regular part of your routine.It takes around 30 weeks for your cells to replicate and replace themselves. If you were to commit to this one healthy habit over the course of 30 weeks you would significantly see the improvements in your practice, in your recovery and in your metabolism. This simple investment can produce dramatic results long term.

Mon, 18 May 2015

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Posted by Fire Shaper


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