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Yoga for Building Better Bones

Yoga is not just about being fit and flexible. It is actually an ideal exercise to build strong bones. While most weight bearing exercises can strengthen the bones it can also cause muscular system imbalance. Examples of these exercises are jogging, running and dancing.

Yoga when done properly will balance the muscular system, help build stronger, better bones and at the same time relieve pain and stress.

Yoga to build better bones

As the body ages, the bones begin to wear down as well which can be a worrisome condition. In fact, building strong bones is one of the major concerns of people in their 30’s. This can be prevented though by practicing yoga regularly. Plus, yoga can avert further bone damage.

Yoga promotes flexibility and mobility in joints in addition to building strength. It can help remove stiffness in the joints of the neck, hips and ankles by lubricating them. In fact, a lot of yoga poses increase the smooth flow of the synovial fluid, the fluid found in the joints, and help them move around efficiently.

Yoga nourishes the bones by improving the blood flow thus healthy nutrients circulate into your bones. To achieve this you can do standing poses. As these postures involve the bones and muscles of the legs doing them will improve blood circulation by supplying oxygen as well as nutrients.

Yoga can help treat osteoporosis. Characterized by the weakening and thinning of the bones that can lead to fracture, osteoporosis affects a lot of people. If you are suffering from this condition and want to prevent the symptoms, do yoga. Yoga is not only safe because it is low-impact it can also prevent the onset of the condition. Start by doing easy poses and then move to reasonably challenging poses. You can try Vrksasana Pose and Trikonasana Pose (Triangle pose).

If you have weak knees, yoga is your cure. Practicing yoga has been proven to be beneficial to so many people. Yoga brings the body into balance and because of this is can help strengthen weak knees. As you sustain the different yoga poses, blood flows through the muscles and tissues and then delivers oxygen to the areas that are affected.

With regular practice an increase body weight loading, bending and stretching, you will be more flexible, agile and of course your bones will be better than ever before.

Yoga for Building Better Bones

Wed, 29 Jun 2016

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Posted by Fire Shaper


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