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WAIT-LISTS – How they work…


Wait-Lists are the virtual version of waiting in line for a space to open except you can just go about your day to day business trusting that you won’t lose your spot in line.  When you book for a wait-list our system will ask for your payment details. If you have a class package then that will cover you or if you are buying a class or a class package then the system will take all your payment information up front.  However, you will not actually be charged for the class until you are let into the class.  For Example, if you are on a wait-list and someone cancels at least 12 hours before then you will automatically be added to the class. You will then immediately get a text and an email (assuming you have these settings activated on your account) and you will immediately be charged for the class.  However, if you didn’t get added into the class then you will not be charged and a class will not be deducted.

If you sign-up for more than 1 wait-list in a day and you happen to be let into both classes then you are responsible for picking the class you want and removing yourself from the other because during the post pandemic recovery you are only allowed to practice 1x per day. If you do not cancel the second booking you will be charged the appropriate fee.

Now that you understand the power of wait-lists you must be ready to reserve a class!

Mon, 24 Aug 2020

Posted by Fire Shaper


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