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Bianca began studying and practicing different modalities of organized religions and metaphysical practice when she was in her young teens. Read More

This started her quest for knowledge and a way to connect to source to achieve a higher level of awareness.
Bianca had her own intuitive counseling practice for 13 years, studying under spiritual yogis from the Lucis trust Arcane Schools.
She learned the Yamas and Niyamas first through the study of the Yoga Sutra and put it into practical practice in her life. Nearly 30 years later, she brought that knowledge to the mat.
Bianca takes her practice seriously, seeing as a direct connection to a higher power and a way to heal the earth, all its creatures, and her own mind spirit and body. Bianca graduated from Fireshaper's 200 hour Teacher Trainer course in May 2012. She is additionally trained in vinyasa and Barre Shaper. Read Less