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Dani G

Dani's first introduction to hot yoga was through Bikram Yoga; it came out of desperation and sheer curiosity as to the validity of a friend's recommendation that the yoga and heat would help heal her knee trauma from a recent car accident. Read More

It proved right! The practice was rigorous and grounding but low impact; the heat was healing; and the community was loving and supportive; the perfect solution to both grad school anxiety and physical trauma.

Dani has always possessed a yogic practice, though early on in the guise of gym yoga, stretching and off-ice conditioning. As a former competitive figure skater, dancer, and performance artist the yogic blend of mind, body, breath, and movement was alluring- and still continues to captivate her. Yoga is an integral part of her life; and has allowed her to grow and learn as an individual. "The lessons you learn on your mat are endless, and ever changing, just like in life, one day you may need more discipline and focus, and perhaps the next its acceptance of yourself and others, you will gain an awareness of your own breath, body and thoughts, and allow for the uncontrollable conditions of the present to no longer phase you. You may come to practice to get in shape or to change the physical body- but eventually you start to realize the practice of yoga transcends that- moving into the realm of the mental body and even the spiritual."

Dani is a passionate and enthusiastic teacher, who loves to travel, create, volunteer at yoga festivals, learn, and share her vast experiences and knowledge with the world. Dani holds an MFA in interdisciplinary studio art, RYT 200hr Hot Yoga Certification, 20hr Core Intensive Training.
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Dani G