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Naomi began practicing yoga in 2001, and immediately fell in love. Focusing exclusively on Ashtanga yoga at first, her practice gradually broadened to incorporate elements of other yogic traditions. Read More

From her very first class she knew that yoga was more than just a practice on the mat, but a way of life, an opening and awakening of the mind, and a vehicle to self-realization of the spirit. Yoga made her happy(!), but even more important, yoga taught her tools for dealing with the tough moments in life. A passionate student of all types of yoga, it was the discovery of hot yoga that really ignited Naomi's desire to teach and share the ancient practice with others. She completed the 200-hour yoga teacher certification with Fire Shaper, and loves working with her students and learning more from them every day. Her classes focus on maintaining the breath throughout the poses, and listening to the body, the teacher within. Read Less