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Natalie was born and raised on the Gold Coast in Australia. An Australian native, Natalie has traveled to over 26 different countries and has practiced yoga across the globe. Living in America (just outside New York City) from 2001 - 2012, Natalie is a mother of 2 beautiful daughters Sydney and Skylar and is married to her husband John. Natalie had graduated Bikram's teacher training in the fall of 2001 and opened her first studio in Westwood NJ in 2002. Since 2002, Natalie has been faithfully teaching and practicing Bikram Yoga along with a variety of other postures and advanced variations. Natalie welcomes you to join her as she re-defines hot yoga with Fire Shaper. Natalie believes in the limitless power of self and raises her two daughters through the most caring and healthful means possible. She enjoys nurturing her children with love and shares her passions of travel and yoga with them. Now living back in her home country of Australia, Natalie wishes to pass on her passion of yoga and love of life to her students through the teachings of Fire Shaper. Read More

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