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Covid-19 FAQs

What are the most important things to do when making online reservations?

There are a few things that we highly suggest you do. They are: Read More

1. Make sure you have "emails" & "texts" turned on in your online profile.
2. Download the FIRE SHAPER app to your phone
3. Be prepared with 2 LARGE Towels & Your own yoga mat Read Less

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Is Fire Shaper following Covid-19 recommended safety guidelines?

YES. Fire Shaper is following the exact recommendations set out by NJ Government Legislation and Read More

we have added additional cleanliness and hygiene features into our studios and our cleaning protocols to better protect our members. Your safety is important to us and you will find that our students are socially distanced by the recommended 6 foot spacing and in some cases even further than that. At Fire Shaper we have Commercial grade UV lighting in our heat system which kills 99.99% of all airborne germs. We are treating our Fire Shaper studios with an EPA-approved antiviral solution. This breakthrough coating provides enhanced protection by the sustained killing of 99.9% of viruses, including coronaviruses, on surfaces.

How it works: When sprayed on surfaces, the cleaner forms an invisible, long-lasting barrier that physically breaks down and kills virus cells. A similar type of solution is already being used in hospitals due to its proven effectiveness to reduce the spread of infection. The highly durable coating remains effective even on high-touch surfaces like our flooring, bathroom surfaces and door handles. Through frequent cleanings, which we do after every class, Fire Shaper ensures your safety is our first priority.

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How do I prepare? What do I need to bring?

You will need to bring a Yoga Mat and 2 Large Towels in order to practice at our studios because Read More

during our pandemic recovery we have certain policies in place to keep your safety at the top of the list. Hence, we have very limited mats or towels for rent. Since both mats and towels are necessary to practice at Fire Shaper we ask that you bring these along with you. Our studios do often carry a selection of mats and towels for purchase however, we cannot guarantee that we will have adequate stock at the time of your visit. So, please come prepared.
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Do you require masks to be worn?

At this stage of recovery a mask is no longer mandated to be worn. Students may opt Read More

to wear a mask as a personal decision while in the studio and/or while practicing yoga. The wearing or not wearing of a mask is a personal decision and we ask that you kindly respect the decision that others make for their Fire Shaper experience. Read Less

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What measures do you have in place to ensure my safety?

Fire Shaper studios have invested quite a bit in technologically advanced products such as Read More

advanced cleaning solutions that provide lasting micro-biological germ fighting protection even after it has been wiped dry on our surfaces. We use these products on all of our touchable surfaces and we treat our flooring with it. We have also have commercial grade UV Lights in our heating system that destroys 99.9% of all airborne pathogens that travel through our system. At Fire Shaper we add humidity to our heating system. The humidity we add is designed for use in hospitals and high end technology centers and provides medical safe humidity for our students health. Read Less

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Can I just show up for class or do I need to pre-register?

Walk-ins are welcome! However, we cannot guarantee a spot in the room for you unless you pre-register for class by Read More

going to our class schedule on our website and reserving a space. You can also access our schedule of classes by downloading the FIRE SHAPER app in your phones app store. The app is free to download and use plus it will give you access to the class schedule in real-time so you can track your reservations and purchase packages. We strongly suggest you pre-register for class. Read Less

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Can beginners attend Fire Shaper Hot Yoga?

Absolutely, we have formed an encouraging environment in which all levels and abilities can practice yoga. We encourage beginners to pace themselves... Read More

in class and recommend beginners to commit to coming to 3 to 4 classes in the first week. This will build a solid physical base and awareness that will improve strength, focus, endurance, and flexibility. Read Less

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Can I shower after my class?

All studios have shower facilities. We recommend contacting your studio location directly to inquire about the availability of showers. Read More

Each location may have a different policy in place and hence it's best to ask. Read Less

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Do you sell water or drinks?

Yes, We have water and other products such as sports drinks, electrolytes and meal replacement bars available in Read More

our locations. You cannot however refill your water bottle at any studio due to Covid-19 restrictions. Read Less

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What happens if I'm on a WAIT-LIST?

A wait-list means that the class is at full capacity and now students are reserving Read More

Wait-list spots which, means that if a person in class decides to cancel their reservation then the First Wait-Listed person on the list will automatically be let into the class. This will happen when there is more than 3 hours remaining before the start time of the class. Once the 3 hour window passes then no more wait-listed people will be added. Read Less

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What happens if I miss a class that I reserved?

If you miss (no show) a class that you reserved online then you will receive Read More

a notification that you missed the class. If you're and an unlimited member then you may be charged a $15 fee for missing that class. If you are a class card member then your class may be used. We ask that you remember to update your booking if you know that you won't be making it to the studio. If the teacher is expecting your arrival they might be eagerly awaiting you even up to the very last moment. If you cancel your booking online or via the app it helps our team know that you will not be coming and manage the class to make space for others that would like to practice on the day. Read Less

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What happens if I cancel my reservation with less than 3 hrs before class?

If you cancel with less than 3 hours before class then that is a "Late Cancel" and those who Read More

are unlimited members then you may be charged a $15 fee for missing that class. If you are a class card member then your class may be used. We continue to maintain a 3 hour cancellation window so there's adequate time allocated to let those on the "wait-list" time to make the necessary changes to their day so they may attend the newly created opportunity to practice. Read Less

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If I'm on a wait-list and I'm not let into the class will I be charged?

You will not be charged if you are not let into a wait-listed class. Wait-list means Read More

that you are waiting to see if you get into class. Although the system may ask you to pay for class before you reserve your wait-listed space you will not actually pay unless you have been added. Once you are added your payment will be processed and you are then responsible for making the class. Be prepared if you put yourself on a wait-list. Remember, you can always cancel your class provided it is 12 hours before the class time. Read Less

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Can viruses be transmitted through sweat?

Great question. NO, viruses cannot be transmitted via sweat nor can Read More

viruses enter through your skin or your pores. However, hygiene is extremely important to us. We love that you sweat and we love it more when you sweat on your towels and take them home with you to wash :) We'd much rather you sweat on your towels than on our floors and that's why it's important to bring 2 LARGE towels with you that can absorb your sweat to practice on. Read Less

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