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Curb Cravings

and Burn Fat


Sometimes it’s a simple little step in your daily routine that can make all the difference. There’s a saying: “Do the right things at the wrong time and you’ll get zero to terrible results. Do the Right Things at the Right Time and get the Right Results.” I’ll give you a brief run down on how to make this one simple change along with some of my personal thoughts and best practices.
Here’s how: Within 30 minutes of waking consume approximately 30 grams of clean good quality protein. That’s it! Just this one simple step will change how your body functions in terms of what it craves and how it burns.
Some of my best practices:
  1. I like to do my S.A.V.E.R.S. routine every morning which takes roughly 30 minutes. It’s at that time that I usually have my protein. (see a previous note about SAVERS)
  2. Keep your protein clean. I have my favorite protein and here are some things to consider. It should be un-denatured, meaning that it was not extracted using high heat technologies and therefore the peptide bonds remain mostly intact. Source it from reputable companies who have reputable sources which, I use a powder that is sourced in New Zealand under very strict guidelines.
  3. I prefer Whey protein over other sources. Whey by itself is void of the dairy baggage so even those sensitive to dairy (like me) can consume it easily. My second choice is plant based protein (pea, hemp, rice, or a mix). Whey protein is generally easier to digest than plant as plant proteins can be a little slower and more difficult to assimilate but, they are both fabulous. Whey protein has been shown to have a higher fat-loss benefit over time so the effects are quicker.
  4. I prefer protein powder over food for this particular objective BUT, (big but) I do occasionally have eggs or activated nuts in place of powder. Why I like to use powder is for ease of digestion and assimilation. It takes far less of my personal energy to digest the powder than it does food. Plus, (big plus) I usually eat a meal shortly after so this also gives me the opportunity to consume a little extra nutrients in my day without feeling bogged down by heavy digesting.
  5. I like to use digestive enzymes and probiotics along with my protein powder. The kind I use already has these items in it. These extra items help to improve and ease digestion as well as promote a health elimination system.
As always listen to your body. I find that most people I know don’t eat or assimilate enough clean protein throughout their day so their digestive systems are a bit lazy in digesting it. If that’s you then you can easily start this practice with less protein and slowly build over a few weeks time to the right amount. 30 grams is a rough estimate yet body size doesn’t necessarily mean to use less or more. In extreme cases it may mean you don’t need as much but rarely would you take in more regardless of how BIG you are. Stick to the program and take note of how you go in your day.
Disclaimer: We’re not solving or healing diseases here. We’re looking at strategies that change our states of health and how our bodies and brains work. Consult your health professional for advice for you specifically if needed.


Sat, 26 May 2018

Posted by Fire Shaper


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