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Fire Shapers Scholarship Program

As part of Fire Shapers life educational series our teacher training program reaches out into our community and asks for your help in finding passionate individuals that are eager to learn and to be a part of their communities growth.  The goal of our scholarship program is to make inspiring and empowering education available to those that have a zest for life and a drive to contribute.  Applicants have a small set of criteria that they have to meet to be in the program but the application process is easy and takes mere minutes to complete.  This is Fire Shapers 5th consecutive scholarship program and is hosted around the world.  It’s our desire that our worldwide program inspires other institutions to offer responsible opportunities that empower the people of their community.

This year, we had 21 applicants for our June 2014 Hot Yoga Teacher Training program and they shared their wonderful life stories with us and the world on our website.  Take a few minutes to get to know them by clicking into our scholarship page.  Their stories are inspiring journeys of growth and transformation.  The beginnings of creating the life of their dreams starts with a few simple words and sentences written down.  It is a powerful process for everyone to go through as we document our wishes and work to co-create our futures.  Their real gift has not necessarily been just their wonderful stories, it has been the fact that they have shared them with the people of this planet.  That’s the real power and the cause for a beautiful enlightenment.

Over the next few weeks we’d like to highlight some of our applicants to re-share their story and to learn a little more about them and their plans for the future.  Until then let’s meet the 3 scholarship recipients: Katrina Ong, Mercedes Kuilan, and Tara Spector!  To all of our applicants we acknowledge the divine in you…

1st –  Katrina Ong: From Belleville she is an accomplished dancer who started her hot yoga experience at Fire Shaper.  Through her dedication and commitment to herself she has discovered her own power and purpose and wishes to help people find the gifts that she has discovered and beyond.  read more…

2nd –  Mercedes Kuilan: A wonderful young lady who has a passion for her yoga practice.  Learning to leave her ego at the door and allow her personal judgements to pass she finds herself positive and grounded from her practice.  Mercedes has found a home at Fire Shaper and wishes to help others find their passion, love and courage through yoga.   read more…

3rd –  Tara Spector:  Introduced to yoga by her father, Tara discovered her practice and the positive benefits through adversity.  Her life brought struggles which, she shares with her audience, and through her practice she is empowered to grow.  She hopes to help others find love for themselves and knows that Fire Shaper will help guide her on this path.   read more…

Voting is over now but, show them your  love, show them your thanks for putting their lives in the spotlight and give them a vote.  If you find a particular story inspiring then please share it with your friends because the gift is not just in the reading, it’s in the sharing.


Fire Shaper

Tue, 29 Apr 2014

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