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If you are new

  • Arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled class to sign in, meet your instructor and set up for practice
  • To speed the sign in process, it is best to sign up and pay for your first class online. You can even do this at our reception desk using our designated touch screen computers.
  • Our classes start and finish on time please be sure you arrive with enough time to register for class.

How to prepare

  • You will need a yoga mat, large towel and water for each class. We recommend large (beach, bath sheet) size towels (2), an additional face towel and/or Large Fire Shaper towel.
  • As with all exercise, it is recommended not to eat a directly prior to your class. However, it is important you arrive hydrated and energized so, some fruit, a protein shake, juice, or small meal an hour or two before class is ideal. We also sell electrolyte sachets that you can add to your water which offer a fast way to hydrate before, during or after your class.
  • We recommend gents wear board shorts or yoga shorts to class, and ladies either gym pants or tights and an appropriate exercise top and bra. Remember, you will be sweaty. Skimpy bathers or underwear is not acceptable in our studios for practicing, out of respect for all of our students and instructors.
  • ┬áSugar, caffeine and processed foods /drinks are generally un-healthy to consume regularly but, are especially important to avoid just prior to your Hot Yoga class. ┬áTry natural drinks such as hot water with lemon or a smoothie just prior to class and avoid coffee or soda.
  • Please read our Covid-19 FAQ’s here

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