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Ways to Hydration

Recently a Fire Shaper student was kind enough to pass on an article to us about Hydration that they read.  Actually, this client of Fire Shaper is very helpful and loves to contribute to the lives of others around him.  He is constantly sharing information that he learns about life, health, and anything else of relevance.  I want to say “Thank you!” as it is people like you who really make an impact on the world around us.  Keep on sharing… please 🙂

Now onto the article… It talked about Hydrating Pre and Post workout.  There was some good information in it such as if you are going to Pre-hydrate you have to do it at least 2 hours prior to the event.  Totally true.  Then there was other information that was not so spot on like using sport drinks and post hydrating with milk products.  So to dispel myths and summarize what people may learn about hydration I will address (quite briefly) some items the article spoke about as well as provide some awesome tips for hydrating your body.

The article I read was a pretty decent article… It’s a fairly on track with the pre-work out preparation. Meaning that you should be drinking water to hydrate your body 2 or more hours prior to your event.  Anything else sooner really won’t have the chance to be absorbed properly into the body.  The article talked about using sport drinks because they are supposed to “hydrate” your body with the proper amount of minerals.  In reality the “sports” drinks don’t help very much as their mineral content isn’t high enough and their Carb content is too high. The zero carb drinks are even worse and can actually cause more water to hold in your bowel and make watery stools which, means low water absorption.  (Diarrhea cha cha cha)  Keep in mind, most sports drinks market to your for “taste” not hydration. The articles points out that milk (low fat) makes for good post workout recovery because of the minerals and such.  the articles “milk” talk has to do with finding anything you can with minerals in it. Honestly, not very good advice. Though coconut water is nice, it alone will not suffice though, it does make a nice healthy tasty harmless addition to your dietary intake.  Back to milk… Since the ADA makes everyone pasteurize milk before they sell it, the Dairy companies have to “fortify” the milk with vitamins and minerals because pasteurization kills everything even the good stuff. “Fortify” means – Add it in. However, we as humans do not do well with milk overall and hence have low absorption of vitamins and minerals from ingesting milk.  I am not alone in the idea that milk causes more bowel problems than the vitamins and nutrients in it helps.  That’s why the dairy companies fortify the stuff with such high quantities, dead pasturized milk wasn’t appealing to our human race. So, they add stuff to it attempting to bring it back to life… Plus it makes for great marketing…

The article spoke about using salt in your water (in conjunction with fruit juice).  I do agree with adding some sea salt to your water and just to clear the air on what the “Fruit Juice” thing is all about… The reason they tell you to put Fruit Juice in water with salt is so you don’t taste the salt! LOL In actuality, the high sugar content counteracts the hydration factor and absorption.

Ok, enough about ripping the article apart… Here is what works well: You may use some sea salt in your water for post hydration. Use after market products like Trace Minerals (no or little sugar) or Isagenix “Want more Energy” (low sugar) in your water post training. Keep your water on the room temperature side. As the article said, “If water is sloshing around in your gut quit drinking for a bit until it starts to settle”. Watch the color of your urine, the darker means you are more de-hydrated and clear is good. Hydration upon waking is most important… Start early in the day and that will set the tone for the entire day. Use Lemon in your water especially warm / hot water with lemon and even add a pinch of sea salt. AND FINALLY, this is the most important thing… Get your water from your FOOD! Your plate should consist of 75% water rich foods. You absorb the most water from the food you chew not the water you drink! That is the secret to good hydration EAT YOUR WATER 🙂 I hope these simple steps help to keep you fresh and alive… happy hydrating… Dr. John Surie

Fri, 17 Jan 2014

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