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A Special Thank You to all our raving fans. One thing Fire Shaper has is all of our amazing students who support us above all else. We like to think it’s because we smell so good, have such an incredible line up of super-star instructors, have amazingly friendly students (they smell good too 🙂 ) and get some of the best health results around.  If you’re there to De-Stress, Burn the extra bits off your bum, or truly connect within yourself at a deeper level you’ll be sure to find your groove at Fire Shaper.

Our Hot Yoga is for every – body…  That’s everyone, every body type, and every body’s background. You’ll find our classes suit even the most beginning student and as a matter of fact, we have new students in nearly every class!  With our full selection of specialized classes you’ll be able to re-set your mind, body and spirit each and every time.  With much gratitude to all our amazing students we say thank you once again for voting us Best Yoga Studio 2018…

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