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Yoga Teacher Natalie Surie found holistic health

Over the years, Natalie has enjoyed sports and recreation at many elite levels including a life-time of competitive horse eventing and dressage.  With a goal for the balance of mind, body and spirit Natalie found herself deep in the culture of yoga and has practiced hot yoga across the globe for over 16 years. Her passion for yoga drove her to Los Angeles to become a qualified teacher with esteemed yogi, Bikram Choudhury in 2001. In 2002, Natalie and her husband Dr. John Surie opened their first hot yoga studio in New York. Since then, their company ‘Fireshaper’ has evolved from just one studio to now a global franchise with locations in the USA and Australia.
Natalie is passionate about bringing the hot yoga experience to as many people as possible, and with the momentum of new studio owners joining the Fire Shaper family, that dream has fast become a reality. With ‘Fire Shaper’ leading the way in the industry, Natalie was approached to become an ambassador for an international women’s sports fashion label.

With a holistic approach to health, Natalie believes yoga is not only a great way to keep fit but a complete lifestyle. In her studios, where she’s both a teacher and practitioner, she connects with her clients on many different levels including mindset, wellbeing, nutrition and overall health.



I was looking for a more complete system that took the guess work out of nutrition and cleansing in order to get better results from my yoga practice.  I came across Isagenix and after trying their program I fell in love with its simplicity, its effectiveness, and of course its taste!



Isagenix gave me the extra boost that I needed to not only keep up my hot yoga training but, to also teach multiple hot yoga classes per day and still have plenty of energy to give my children and family 100% of my attention and effort every-day.  The Isagenix Isalean shake is my favorite.  I like to take one scoop of Vanilla and one scoop of chocolate and blend it up with ice until it’s really super thick like ice cream.  Immediately I noticed the effects on how much more calm and relaxed my digestive system felt from drinking the shake.  Not to mention it even satisfied most cravings I had for sweets (especially chocolate!).  So easy to make even with my busy schedule I highly recommend it for us mothers.


See the Isagenix online article here

Tue, 13 May 2014

Posted by Fire Shaper


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