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Enhance Your Lifestyle

We at Fire Shaper believe that owning your own business is not just about marketing or negotiating, it’s not a “cut throat” industrial practice or a money making scheme. We, at Fire Shaper, believe that owning your own business is a spiritual experience. The business that you create works to build communities, support families, and create a consciousness that may expand globally and impact life with limitless potential.

Fire Shaper strives to re-define the process of business growth and life long abundance.

See, most business owners become stressed with problems and laden with indecisions. It’s these types of experiences that force many business owners to never really understand why they do what they do and their businesses become less and less rewarding over time. They lose sight of their goals and eventually the things they were once passionate about begin to dwindle away. With our team we will provide a supportive community, one that has learned from the rewards and the pains of the past. A community that is driven to provide growth which, is not just about business but, about the soul. Do you want to be in the “yoga” business? OR maybe you can ask “What business do you really want to be in?” We’re in the Business of inspiring and empowering others to build life-strong studios which, shape and form the health and consciousness of their surrounding communities. We’re in the business of helping others develop bullet proof processes that serve their business and their clients. To help others navigate through the stresses of being a Operator straight into becoming a business owner who is filled with passion and fueled by purpose. To create not just a yoga studio but, a Lifestyle… One of their choosing and one that fills them with abundance in all asspects of life: Health, Wealth, and Love.

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What will you learn?

  • Discover the 7 Forces of Business Mastery.
  • Learn the 5 Disciplines that you must Master.
  • Totally own it: What business are you really in?
  • Align your Core Values for Results that will really impact your community and your business.
  • Business Operator or Business Owner, Learn the difference then you decide.

Other Benefits

  • Training, start up and ongoing support
  • Be a part of the Fire Shaper culture
  • Fire Shapers Proprietary Systems
  • International exposure and growth potential
  • Be a part of a brand that is one of the few to have expanded internationally
  • And most importantly….doing what you love to do and never losing that Passion