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Defying Gravity: Intro to Inversions and Arm Balances

Overcome your fears of turning upside, and of balancing on your hands, in this two-hour beginner level workshop!
Sue will begin with a little history, as well as some of the benefits, of the inversion practice. Then, she will begin to move you through a class designed to build physical strength and confidence, as well as create space in the body, so you are able to move into the inversions and arm balances safely.
The opportunity to expand and “play” with more advanced inversions will be available towards the end of the workshop.
Poses to be explored:
Tri-pod Headstand
Forearm Balance
Side Plank
Side Crow

Workshop is non-heated and good for all levels!

Saturday, January 26th

2:30pm – 4:30pm

$35 in advance, $40 at the door

North Haledon Studio

“For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.” –Leonardo da Vinci

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Defying Gravity:  Intro to Inversions and Arm Balances