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Dr John

Born in New Jersey, Dr. John is a licensed Doctor of Chiropractor (D.C.) in the United States of America since 1997 and Australia since 2015. He works Read More

with celebrities, elite athletes, and families to achieve maximum lifestyle performance and vitality. Currently Dr. John is actively practicing chiropractic in Australia and focuses on his growing family as well as the contribution and growth opportunities that Fire Shaper offers to you. From the age of 12, Dr. John has been training in the Martial Arts and has been teaching steadily since the age of 16. Trained primarily in Hapkido, Dr. John has also trained extensively in USA Goju, Kung Fu, Judo, and Shaolin Chin Na. He combines his decades of knowledge, experience and practice to create life enhancing experiences in and amongst his Fire Shaper studios as well as the trainings.

In 1995, Dr. John had begun practicing Yoga on a daily basis to enhance his martial art practice. It began with Power Yoga and together with his good friend & student he steadily practiced postures in conjunction with his Martial Art teaching and practice. In 2000, Dr. John began practicing Bikram Yoga in New York City in 2000 and continued his practice at various studios across New York and New Jersey. In 2002 Dr. John opened his first Bikram Yoga studio in Westwood New Jersey (now known as Fire Shaper Westwood). Over the course of many years Dr. John has practiced many other yoga variations and eventually decided to expand and evolve the yoga experience for his Fire Shaper students. In 2009 Dr. John became certified under Jimmy Barkan in The Barkan Method of Hot Yoga and in 2010 Dr. John also achieved a Level II/III certification to teach The Barkan Method of Hot Vinyasa Flow as well as numerous Advanced postures specific to the Hot Yoga Lineage. After spending some time in India (2013) working and learning with Oneness University, Dr. John enjoys bringing a grounded soulful expression to the teachings and trainings that Fire Shaper has to offer. Since then, Dr. John has studied with many modern yoga masters in different teacher trainings, workshops and immersions to completely re-define the Hot Yoga experience as it is known today and as it will be known in the years to come. Read Less

Dr John