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YIN Yoga Teacher Training

Whether you are looking to deepen your personal practice or to teach Yin Yoga, this educational module is the perfect way to explore your own self-discovery and help others find their truth the gentle YIN way.

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This Yin Training is a unique way to deepen your practice, your teaching and journey into the more subtle, less obvious energies in the body. We will explore classic YIN POSTURES, discuss reading materials, practice leading Yin sessions; learning how to use props and how to incorporate Yin into a Vinyasa Class. The most common poses will be explored in detail, with variations, options and humor!
There are about a dozen poses and their variations. You will learn how to get into them and out of them, how you use blocks, straps and blankets… Joints, meridians and organ knowledge as well as how to move the class smoothly and seamlessly to deliver a complete experience to your students.
You will learn the names of the postures, how to organize and conduct a class. These are the absolute essentials to guiding a Yin Style Yoga class.
Yin Yoga is fun to teach since it is the less linear, more feminine side of yoga, and you can do some of the postures with the students. We will explore psychological, energetic, and the mental/emotional connections.

This second session of the training is focused on gaining access to the ethereal of the Yin practice. We will explore our energies by moving them in, out and through our body. We will observe breathing patterns, our thoughts, and do many meditations including modified Yoga Nidra type guided meditations.

One of the focuses of this part of the Yin training will be on how to employ mists and elixirs to enhance this entire experience which, is unique to Darlene’s teaching. “GoodScents” is a line of scents ranging from earthy grounding mists to floral, citrus and esoteric. Aromatherapy will move your soul.
 We know you will fall head over heels for these aromatherapy mixtures so, we’ve arranged to make a small supply of these available for purchase at the training. Having your own scents will help you to get you started if you wish to use them as an enhancement to your YIN classes or your personal practice. 
Matching scent to energy centres (chakras) and leading people effortlessly into a more primitive brain; out of mental constructs and into more visceral “moment to moment living” brings them somewhere blissful. Working with essential oils can be quite challenging and when you mix the mixtures right the experience becomes something AWESOME!
When you leave our training you’ll have all the right tools and knowledge to master your own mixtures and experiences.
We will also focus on not only the mix of aromas but, also the mix of music. Creating inspiring and empowering playlists can be quite a daunting task for many instructors. We make it easy and stress free. Darlene shows you the in’s and out’s of what make a great playlist and how to quickly match your music to your intention and class.

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