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Sue Z

Sue has been practicing hot yoga since the winter of 2007, under the instruction of Natalie Surie, director of Fire Shaper. Read More

After ten years of dead end retail jobs, Sue left the retail world and became a certified Bikram instructor in the fall of 2007.

Sports have always been a part of Sue’s life. From softball, lacrosse, tennis, to figure skating, she has always been an active person. Suffering from knee and back injuries, activities became limited. In discovering Bikram yoga, she found a new love. “My first class I was just amazed at how challenging the series was as well as how good I felt after class. Before I even left the studio I was trying to figure out when I could take my next class. I knew I was hooked!” Before Sue realized it, she was practicing every day noticing differences in and outside the yoga studio. Injuries that disrupted her daily life before started to dissipate. With this realization she knew she wanted to become an instructor.

Sue is passionate about sharing the effects of yoga with others. During her class, staying in the moment, quieting the mind, connecting the breath to the body, and using the moving mediation in whatever way serves you for that day are emphasized. You can find Sue teaching Barre Shaper, Flare, Flow, Ignite and Blaze, and well as leading Fire Shaper's 200 hour Teacher training Program.
“Focus, be still, and breath.” Read Less

Sue Z