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Caryn’s yoga journey began during her final year in College. Not particularly dedicated to any specific style, she floated around and explored a variety of classes. Read More

When she heard a Bikram yoga studio was opening in her area, she was immediately drawn there. Being a gymnast and athlete for many years growing up, the intensity of hot yoga naturally appealed to her dynamic and active lifestyle. Even though it was out of her comfort zone, Caryn knew she wanted to share what she loved about yoga with others and immediately saw the appeal of becoming a certified instructor.

Caryn soon became certified in Bikram Yoga with Bikram Choudhury and began to teach yoga fulltime. Interested in improving and exploring her teaching, Caryn later received her certification in Vinyasa Flow with Dana Flynn at Laughing Lotus NYC. Always a student first, Caryn continues to deepen her knowledge of all aspects of yoga. If she is not at a workshop, or class, she is probably on her mat or with her nose in a book.

Caryn’s teaching style combines fun, yet challenging sequences designed to give her student’s confidence and strength, as their bodies and minds begin to open. It is important that her students be exposed to all of the beautiful aspects of yoga, so each class is infused with alignment and philosophy, all set to an amazing soundtrack. Caryn’s classes will have you leaving the room feeling rejuvenated in an exuberant, loving bliss. Like you just received a comforting and supportive yoga hug! Read Less