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Tommy came to yoga through a bad car accident. Little did he know at the time that this accident would change his life. Read More

After several months of treatment with Dr. John in his chiropractic office, Tommy still experienced pain and had difficulty doing some of the things he once enjoyed. Then John introduced him to Hot Yoga and that is when the deep healing began. At first Tommy viewed Yoga as a pain management program because it helped him heal from the inside out. In time, Tommy felt stronger and it became his workout time. Eventually he went back to the gym - a sign that things were getting back to normal.
Then Tommy noticed that the Yoga had become a part of everything in his life (in all things off the mat). It was in the compliments and comments of friends who had noticed the change in Tommy. Most notably it improved his drumming skills and gave him the endurance that he once had in my teens. At this point it became the connection of mind, body, and spirit.

In 2011 Tommy completed his teacher training program with Fire Shaper and continues to study and explore new ways of sharing yoga with his students. Read Less